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Warning! I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Roms & Recoveries before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

Latest Updates

22 September 2018


Chromium was updated to 70.0.3538.28.

Android 4

Updates for September 2018 security patch level applied.

  • The Update adresses the following CVEs from July - September:

    • CVE-2018-9412 A-78029004
    • CVE-2018-9421 A-77237570
    • CVE-2018-9365 A-74121126
    • CVE-2018-9432 A-73173182
    • CVE-2018-9420 A-77238656
    • CVE-2018-9376 A-69981755
    • CVE-2018-9434 A-29833520
    • CVE-2018-9434 A-29833520
    • CVE-2018-9430 A-73963551
    • CVE-2018-9414 A-78787521
    • CVE-2018-9445 A-80436257[1]
    • CVE-2018-9451 A-79488511[2]
    • CVE-2018-9437 A-78656554
    • CVE-2018-9446 A-80145946
    • CVE-2018-9450 A-79541338
    • CVE-2018-9459 A-66230183
    • CVE-2018-9455 A-78136677
    • CVE-2018-9436 A-79164722
    • CVE-2018-9454 A-78286118
    • CVE-2018-9453 A-78288378
    • CVE-2018-9435 A-79591688
    • CVE-2018-9449 A-79884292
    • CVE-2018-9441 A-74075873
    • CVE-2018-9466 A-62151041
    • CVE-2018-9470 A-78290481
    • CVE-2018-9440 A-77823362
    • CVE-2018-9475 A-79266386
    • CVE-2018-9478 A-79217522
    • CVE-2018-9479 A-79217770
    • CVE-2018-9456 A-78136869
    • CVE-2018-9483 A-110216173
    • CVE-2018-9484 A-79488381
    • CVE-2018-9485 A-80261585
    • CVE-2018-9486 A-80493272
    • CVE-2018-9468 A-111084083
    • CVE-2018-11261 A-64340487*

Available Updates for Galaxy Tab2:

  • OmniROM 4
  • SlimKat
  • Unlegacy-Android

Available Updates for Galaxy Nexus:

  • OmniROM 4
  • Unlegacy-Android

Available Updates for Galaxy S3 mini:

  • SlimKat

Update on “Where have you been?”

Things get a little better now, still have to sort some stuff in private life. I’ll keep the apartment and see how well it goes, maybe i need to collect empty bottles or take a second job on weekends later… But, in general i am felling better now. Let’s see what time brings to me.

I am still not really back on Android, but took some time to provide at least some Updates for our community.

Have a good weekend together!

21 August 2018

Where have you been?

Hey together!

Some of you might ask why i’ve been silent for a while now and haven’t pushed any updates etc.. Things are complicated at the moment and i haven’t checked any of my ROM Threads on XDA last couple of weeks. I reached a point in life i’ve thought / hoped not to reach… My girlfriend quit our relationship after over 9 years together.

Could i have seen this coming? I still don’t know, she’s gone for over 3 weeks now…

Yeah, things between us haven’t been the best always, but we (maybe only me) have been working on it and i thought we’ve been on a good way - that’s what she said too some weeks ago… and being in a relationship has ups and downs, nothing can be good forever. I’ve had a lot of stress at work last couple of months, i know i wasn’t always the best listener but guess there’s nothing we couldn’t have talked about… I’m asking myself if i didn’t listened close enought or if she only wasn’t talking to me… I won’t get an answer on that.

She didn’t told a real reason to move on without me, she’s not seeing a future together and her feelings for me changed… Those words have hitten me hard and i was down like never before in life… Sure, i am not perfect and not trying to be perfect, but i’ve done a lot for her and often forgot about myself while taking care of her…

She had a job in a different city for a few years, we’ve only met on weekends, within less than 2 days she had to meet me, friends and family every weekend. It was a hard time and in the end she was crying a lot. It was a hard time for both of us, i was always there for her. She came back to our city and had a shitty job… hard work, lot of working hours and many days without a break. She was crying again often, i’ve been there for her always. We had big trust in each other, something many people don’t understand and i’ve been really proud about. Both of us could meet friends alone, at every time, at every place. Yeah, she was watching some series with her best friend every second week. Both of us could be who we are, no need to wear a mask… Well, guess i sometimes weared a mask because there have been some days i liked to have her on my side, but she could do what she felt to do - always tried to make her happy even if it doesn’t make me happy.

Now she got a new job, a job she really likes. It’s no an easy job, early neurological rehabilitation. I know it’s harder than she likes to say and she haven’t talked to me.

Guess it’s we haven’t talked enough in general which made the difference at the end. No special reason… There’s no chance if you don’t talk in a relationship…

I really thought she’s the women i’ll marry at some time, thought she’ll be the mother of my kids in some years… Hard to realize i was living in a dream world.

If this isn’t enought, i’ve not only lost a great person in my life, i’ll also loose my home as i can’t pay the monthly bills alone for a long time… a few months only.

Last but not least: our friends have been more or less her friends… First weekend after she was gone i liked to go out for a beer, checked my WhatsApp and noticed there’s no one not connected to her i could ask… You don’t like to know that feeling, felt really destroying… And i was on a good way to destroy myself because it felt, and still sometimes feels, like the whole world is against me. I’ve been sitting at home and watching a white wall for hours.

I’ve had luck my trainees and some others at work had a ear for me and my problems. We’ve spend some time after work together which helped me to look forward a little bit.

I am off from work this week, i’ve a lot of time and it doesn’t always feels well to have that many time to make a head about stuff. Computer and Android doesn’t help against the feelings, so i’ll keep my PC off as much as possible.

I’ll be 30 this work, not seeing anything to celebrate… But guess i’ll invite the handfull of people who have been behind me the last weeks for a dinner. Don’t like to call it a party, not sure if it’ll be a party…

As things aren’t complicated enough, i’ve met an interesting girl and hope to not have met her the wrong time… Not sure how she’s feeling or what she’s thinking, but we had some really nice days together. Guess we haven’t seen us the last time yesterday evening. I like her, and i guess i’ve found at least a good new friend.

I’ve still to talk with my Ex about everything we bought together for our apartment… Thinking about how to manage the apartment next months etc… So if you don’t hear anything from me: don’t be scared.

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