android-6.0.1_r80 to asb-2017-09 AOSP changelog

The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: android_build

b4a0a0c : ASB September 2017, version string to 2017-09-01
e8b72cf : ASB August 2017, version string to 2017-08-01

+- Project: android_external_libavc

08e47d9 : [BACKPORT] Fixed bug in the case of resolution change.
78fb273 : Decoder: Fixed allocation of pv_map_ref_idx_to_poc_buf.
0fdda66 : Initialize DPB structures to valid values.
69cb8f1 : Decoder: Fixed overflow in refernce list creation.
a9cf728 : Added error check for output buffer size.
0130977 : Fix resolution change within a decode call.
d74221f : Fixed hang in the case of multiple sps id.
7c8edfd : Decoder: Fix in the case of MMCO 6
464770a : Initializing reference list for every P/B slice.
423044d : Decoder: Cleaned up parse sps function.
6c9aebc : Decoder: Fixed allocation size of pred info buffer

+- Project: android_external_libhevc

db86b30 : Limit boundary PU sizes in case of errors
e497142 : Fix array size for hrd parameters
f6cf2bb : Return error for invalid crop parameters
42f6644 : Check number of output buffers and sizes
2cd07b5 : Fix OOB issue in nal unit parsing
0d2bd8b : Set pic_present at end of pic_init instead of beginning
3352cf9 : Handle error return in parse slice

+- Project: android_external_libmpeg2

de3990a : Check For Zero Width/Height in Frame Header
806fa8a : Adding Error Check For PictureStructure Param
e65c76a : Update mbs_left In Case Of Missing Slice
dbdb796 : Correcting NumCoeff Check in VLD

+- Project: android_external_sfntly

f096707 : Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into master
cc20075 : Merge commit 'bbc9221' into master

+- Project: android_external_sonivox

80034b7 : Fix interpolator

+- Project: android_external_sqlite

c751aa8 : DO NOT MERGE - fix FTS3 column pointer handling

+- Project: android_external_tremolo

6b56bff : Use heap instead of alloca in res012.c

+- Project: android_frameworks_av

5720c24 : Track: Check buffer size of static tracks
9fb1c59 : AudioFlinger: Fix memory allocation for client-less tracks
a00bb07 : MPEG4Extractor: check size for yrrc box
b6b53fe : stagefright: check aac_frame_length to prevent infinite loop
81e32ce : MPEG4Source: fix fragmented read.
ed9a392 : MPEG4Extractor: ensure returned status is checked.
e8a48d5 : MediaPlayerService: fix access of mPlayer in client
8bda28b : audio effects: filter reserved effect commands
350851f : EffectBundle: Check value size for get preset name
2341354 : stagefright: fix crash due to bad timestamp index
ae07f86 : Change MPEG2 reinit Error Handling
eb7a07a : Notify Errors Appropriately from SoftMPEG2
27bedc1 : Fix TOCTOU problem in libstagefright_soft_aacenc
10793cc : Fix security vulnerability: Equalizer setParameter memory overflow
f0f53f3 : Check the buffer index from acquireBuffer
368000f : Don't leak `this` out of GraphicBufferSource ctor
e4f91fa : better manage buffer for libstagefright_soft_mpeg4enc
c163d2f : Fix integer overflow in mediadrmserver
1d73f65 : Fix potential leak
0932b6a : m4v_h263: update width/height only when they are valid.
3f48da0 : m4v_h263: check header first before decoding a frame.

+- Project: android_frameworks_base

ae055bc : Back-port fixes for b/62196835
653d41e : Close connection before retrying

+- Project: android_frameworks_minikin

fa36db7 : Reject unsorted cmap entries. DO NOT MERGE

+- Project: android_frameworks_opt_net_wifi

24c28a6 : wifinative jni: check array length for trackSignificantWifiChange

+- Project: android_hardware_qcom_audio

cb6a14e : Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
c85274e : Fix security vulnerability: Equalizer setParameter memory overflow

+- Project: android_packages_apps_CertInstaller

f86fe5d : WifiInstaller: add permission for access downloaded files

+- Project: android_packages_apps_Messaging

40bc1d5 : 37742976 - Catch bad gifs

+- Project: android_packages_apps_Nfc

33685b6 : Add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for file based Uri while beaming.

+- Project: android_packages_apps_Settings

4eb66ee : Back-port ag/2491664

+- Project: android_system_bt

4de394b : Add missing continuation offset check for SDP continuation requests
7612cd5 : Disable PAN Reverse Tethering when connection originated by the Remote
449eda5 : Add missing extension length check while parsing BNEP control packets
e4b4a28 : Add missing packet length checks while parsing BNEP control packets
3327bdf : Add a missing check for PAN buffer size before copying data
d1a6fe0 : Free p_pending_data from tBNEP_CONN to avoid potential memory leaks
fb51c5c : Allocate buffers of the right size when BT_HDR is included