This only includes changes on top of the Android Open Source Project source to compile pure AOSP for OMAP4 Devices. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: android_build

e6397d8 : build: Build with colors
3421a28 : otapackage: proper zip naming
a16c626 : build: add ASCII Logo to edify script
be0e2ea : Allow override of device asserts, including multi-device support
9e96fef : Allow override of device asserts, including multi-device support.
eb6df8d : Allow a device to generically define its own headers
9beb964 : envsetup: set OUT_DIR to an absolute path always
7379040 : build: Inline kernel building as a buildtime task

+- Project: android_frameworks_base

5e6ccc8 : framework: fix screenshot and rotation animation for devices with abnormal hw rotation
c61004c : Telephony: Add support for NETWORK_TYPE_GSM
31bc615 : telephony: hide needsOldRilFeature
5fec665 : Signal strength: add more checks to signal strength, so it doesn't fall under the range of poor signal and automatically assumes a gsm signal, actually checks if all values are true and not valid then pass it on to lte or gsm. This fixes cases when gsm signal is not valid and lte is active. When lte is active and shows a really weak and gsm signal is not avalible due some broken vendor ril or just running cdma lte and a few others senario creates this issue.
c6a4c19 : Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
4276b03 : telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid

+- Project: android_frameworks_native

fd733dd : surfaceflinger: Consolidate display orientation compensation hooks
8dacf3d : surfaceflinger: odd hw rotation (90/270) patch for swapping width/height
db2a95f : Fix boot animation rotation problem when ro.sf.hwrotation is set to 90 or 270
df929ca : surfaceflinger: Reimplement hwrotation
01a51f7 : sf: Always use opengles for screen capture
2a58e48 : Support forcing all screenshots into a CPU consumer
1765335 : Revert "remove support for glReadPixels screenshot path"

+- Project: android_frameworks_opt_telephony

ac9d7d2 : Fix Data stop while calling
2fd092a : Fix Signal Bars only showing little signal
54dd285 : telephony: DataConnection: support old RILs
d968def : RIL: squashed support for old RIL
257f411 : fw_opt_telephony: Fix RIL for all Samsung devices
45e99b5 : PhoneFactory: fall back to default RIL if custom RIL Class fails
8701d6a : RIL: Make RIL subclassable
3819479 : telephony: Use reflection to create command interface (RIL class)
f01b435 : Allow a device to include its own RIL subclass

+- Project: android_hardware_ril

6e2a47b : libril: allow board to provide libril