This only includes changes on top of the Android Open Source Project source to compile pure AOSP for OMAP4 Devices. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: android_bootable_recovery

b830e8b : updater: Allow devices to suppress BLKDISCARD

+- Project: android_build

988b8ca : Redo BOARD_CUSTOM_BOOTIMG_MK support
1812af2 : Remove nulls from the edify generator.
afd0710 : Fix not found by ota_from_target_files in some cases
33bb89f : Allow devices to specify certain ro. props via TARGET_UNIFIED_DEVICE
ede18f4 : Allow override of device asserts, including multi-device support.
8a6e755 : build: Ensure /system unmounted at install start
d151e7d : Add mcpu=cortex-a9 when building for Cortex-A9.
3d8499b : add support for overriding build.prop settings.
25c47a9 : Allow a device to generically define its own headers
e54f38c : Make the kernel image format parametric instead of a chain of if/elses
c475612 : Use standard toolchain paths
49b9e20 : envsetup: set OUT_DIR to an absolute path always
70384d6 : build: Fix typos
e6276d9 : build: Inline kernel building as a buildtime task By arcee

+- Project: android_frameworks_av

3ae8463 : camera: Fix inclusion of CameraParametersExtra.h
b8ee6bd : camera: allow device to append camera parameters
700967b : libstagefright: add missing TI color format case
457f4aa : libstagefright: Make it possible to skip OMX buffer reallocation

+- Project: android_frameworks_base

d803e72 : framework: fix screenshot and rotation animation for devices with abnormal hw rotation
0e97f5f : telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid
44cc8fe : Camera2 legacy: retry EGL config without EGL_RECORDABLE_ANDROID

+- Project: android_frameworks_native

8b16f8f : surfaceflinger: Consolidate display orientation compensation hooks
1b40377 : Fix boot animation rotation problem when ro.sf.hwrotation is set to 90 or 270
baee184 : surfaceflinger: odd hw rotation (90/270) patch for swapping width/height
6d15e31 : surfaceflinger: Reimplement hwrotation
8c88f69 : Fix for landscape thumbnail images on GLES11RenderEngine
389b2a5 : Add back support for glReadPixels screenshot path.

+- Project: android_frameworks_opt_telephony

1ff7452 : telephony: DataConnection: support old RILs
e508a74 : RIL: set responseHardwareConfig() and responseICC_IOBase64() protected
a03cd00 : RIL: squashed support for old RIL
5971bc2 : MCC to ISO country code mapping corrected
fc491be : RIL: set responseCellInfoList protected to override in sub classes
d090adb : RIL: mark mInstanceId as protected
ef5277c : Allow a device to include its own RIL subclass
3e4a49c : telephony: Use reflection to create command interface (RIL class)
dee2f2b : RIL: Make RIL subclassable

+- Project: android_hardware_ril

b8d9853 : rild: Don't use the clientId argument with non-qcom hardware
1869585 : libril: allow board to provide libril