This only includes changes on top of the Android Open Source Project source to compile pure AOSP for OMAP4 Devices. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ and improved by Al Sutton.

Please do not copy this without attribution to this site and JBQ for the original script.

+- Project: android_build

63e19bc : Avoid accidentally using the host's native 'as' command.
c29fa89 : build: add ASCII Logo to edify script
5a7398d : Add cortex-a9 to armv7-a-neon, allow specifying FPU.
74afe01 : add support for overriding build.prop settings.
cb9b08e : Allow override of device asserts, including multi-device support.
54b8d8f : Set kernel gcc version to 4.8 for ARM targets
60308eb : envsetup: set OUT_DIR to an absolute path always
ffcaaf2 : build: Inline kernel building as a buildtime task
b19d991 : Allow a device to generically define its own headers

+- Project: android_frameworks_av

490e4fd : libstagefright: wfd: don't use intra macroblock refresh mode on omap4
b568be0 : libstagefright: Make it possible to skip OMX buffer reallocation
755ac81 : libstagefright: add missing TI color format case

+- Project: android_frameworks_base

bcbc6d0 : Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
0000f64 : telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid
a863337 : Camera2 legacy: retry EGL config without EGL_RECORDABLE_ANDROID

+- Project: android_frameworks_native

6318699 : system_server BINDER_TYPE_FD driver ashmem accessors
e7fcc59 : system_server BINDER_TYPE_FD sockets using ashmem accessors
8158099 : Fix for landscape thumbnail images on GLES11RenderEngine
45c35e8 : libbinder: allow devices to disable ashmem size tracking
397fc4d : Remove warning "using EGL_IMG_context_priority"
c008a38 : Add back support for glReadPixels screenshot path.
8c664b4 : egl: Add back b/10194508 workaround.

+- Project: android_frameworks_opt_telephony

db8db44 : telephony: Add oldril feature setPrefNwTypeOnUnsolConnected.
76f9649 : RIL: squashed support for old RIL
4d483bf : RIL: forward port support for mQANElements
3f2019a : Squashed support for RIL subclass

+- Project: android_hardware_ril

c00fab9 : libril: allow board to provide libril

+- Project: android_packages_apps_Camera2

5cefd4d : Fixed Camera2 crash on first camera start.