A Photobooth web interface for Raspberry Pi and Windows.

Photobooth was initially developped by Andre Rinas, you can find his source here.

This is my personal Photobooth fork with some extras on top (more information can be found below).

Please note: Safari Browser on iOS 9 in not compatible with es6, which means Photobooth won't work. Supported browser can be found inside the Wiki. If you like to use an old iPad anyway, please take a look here (andi34/photobooth#47). If I find enough time I'll post some updates from time to time.

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  • Works on Windows and Linux.

    • Under Windows digiCamControl by Duka Istvan can be used to control the camera and to take pictures.

    • Under Linux gPhoto2 is used to control the camera and to take pictures.

  • Images are processed with GD.

  • Photobooth caches all generated QR-Codes, Thumbnails and Prints.

  • Standalone Gallery (localhost/gallery.php).

  • Slideshow via Gallery oder standalone Gallery (under localhost/slideshow).

  • Settings can be changed via Admin Panel (under localhost/admin):

  • Multi-language support:

    • German

    • English

    • Spanish (partially)

    • French (partially)

    • Greek (partially)

  • Login to protect Admin Panel and/or Start page can be enabled.

  • Gallery:

    • Order pictures in gallery ascending oder descending by picture age.

    • Hide the gallery.

  • Choose between date-formatted, numbered or random image names.

  • Choose an image filter after taking a picture.

  • QR-Code to allow downloading pictures from your Photobooth.

  • Pictures can be directly downloaded from the gallery.

  • Print feature.

    • Optional: Print a frame on your picture and/or collage.

    • Optional: Print text on your picture.

    • Optional: Print QR-Code on the right side of your picture.

  • Pictures can be sent via e-mail.

  • LivePreview (uses device cam).

  • Event specific (e.g. wedding, birthday) config to show a symbol (e.g. heart) between some text on the start page.

  • Green screen keying (chroma keying).

  • Photo collage function: take 4 pictures in a row with or without interruption and let it generate a collage out of it.

  • Save pictures with a Polaroid effect.

  • Adjust take picture and print commands.

  • Adjust the style of Photobooth via admin panel.

  • And many more options to adjust Photobooth for your personal needs.

For Questions and Feedback please use the Issues section on my GitHub fork of Photobooth.

Extras on my personal fork:

    General changes:

  • install-raspbian: use Apache2 webserver by default for a no-hassle setup

  • added Slideshow option to Gallery

  • standalone slideshow via localhost/slideshow

  • access login via localhost/login instead localhost/login.php

  • offline manual with settings explained under localhost/manual (andi34/photobooth#59)

  • offline FAQ under localhost/manual/faq.html

  • fix windows compatibility

  • fix check for image filter

  • performance improvement (andreknieriem/photobooth#226)

  • Improved width of admin- and login-panel (partially andreknieriem/photobooth#221)

  • general bug-fixes if device cam is used to take pictures (andreknieriem/photobooth#220)

  • Remove unused resources/fonts/style.css

  • language: use correkt ISO 639-1 Language Code for Greek

  • Optimize picture size on result screen

  • blue-gray color theme by default

  • Admin panel: range config and toggles

  • Switch to simple-translator for translations, use english as fallback language if a translation is missing. This also gives the possibility to easily translate Photobooth. (How to update or add translations?)

  • Add database name to picture name if database changed from default name

  • Close opened picture if photo/collage is triggered

  • Only take Photos via defined key if we aren't already

  • New Options:

  • Option to disable the delete button (andreknieriem/photobooth#228)

  • Show/Hide button to toggle fullscreen mode

  • Option to keep original images in tmp folder

  • Configurable image preview while post-processing

  • Adjustable time a image is shown after capture

  • Allow to rotate photo after taking

  • Optional EXIF data preservation (disabled by default)

  • define collage frame seperately (andi34/photobooth#63)

  • event specific database: You can now rename the picture and email database via Adminpanel. Only pictures inside the defined database are visible via gallery. (andi34/photobooth#61)

  • Preview/Stream from device cam as background on start page (andi34/photobooth#58)

  • Allow using a stream from URL at countdown for preview

  • Allow to rotate preview from URL

  • Show button bar inside gallery on bottom or on top of the image

  • Auto reload Photobooth on error while taking a photo

  • Allow to change permissons on picture

  • qrHelp: define WiFi SSID used on QR via admin panel

  • allow to adjust PhotoSwipe (Gallery) config via Adminpanel, also allow to use some PhotoSwipe functions and make more PhotoSwipe settings available (settings explained inside the manual):

    • Mouse click on image should close the gallery (enable/disable)

    • Close gallery if clicked outside of the image (enable/disable)

    • Close picture on page scroll (enable/disable)

    • Close gallery when dragging vertically and when image is not zoomed (enable/disable)

    • Show image counter (enable/disable)

    • Show PhotoSwipe fullscreen button (enable/disable)

    • Show PhotoSwipe zoom button (enable/disable)

    • PhotoSwipe history module (enable/disable)

    • Pinch to close gallery (enable/disable)

    • Toggle visibility of controls/buttons by tap (enable/disable)

    • allow to adjust PhotoSwipe background opacity (0-1)

    • Loop images (enable/disable)

    • Slide transition effect (enable/disable)

    • Swiping to change slides (enable/disable)

  • gallery: add button to delete an image, enable by default

  • Remote Buzzer Server based on io sockets

    • Enables a GPIO pin connected hardware button / buzzer for a setup where the display / screen is connected via WLAN / network to the photobooth webserver (e.g. iPad).